Getting a fortuity to study abroad is something that is better than you could have ever hoped for. It’s a pristine experience that can get you an on-fleek outlook on how folks across the world live, their customs, and their activities. Even having a study abroad experience on your resume burgeons your chances of getting hired and reveals that you manifest the cognizance of dealing with people from different cultures, with an exceptional level of adaptability. Nevertheless, it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s just one flip side to it. It’s atrociously extortionate. Studying abroad at a good university in the USA can set you back millions of Rupees in debt!

But, what if you could study the first half of your degree at an elite Indian university and the other half at a world-renowned international university abroad! That’s precisely how Lovely Professional University’s credit transfer program works! Not only do you get to save big time on tuition fees, but you also graduate with a degree from an internationally renowned partner university! And the best part, you get all the benefits that a regular international student would get including, scholarships, a post-study visa, etc.

Leveraging that, afresh Lovely Professional University’s prodigy Aamir Khan (BBA), a pupil to the Mittal School of Business, has kick-started his journey at the University of IdahoUSA, with a scholarship of 15,000 USD (1,102,227.75 INR). The University of Idaho public land-grant research university and the state’s lead university in the Idaho Space Grant Consortium located in Moscow, Idaho.

By partnering with elite universities across the globe, starting from the pinnacle of the USA to the Baltics, Lovely Professional University is committed to concocting international opportunities for deserving Vertos at an affordable price facilitating cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and expertise. Lovely Professional University now offers a dozen such programs like B.Tech., M.Tech., MBA, B.Design, B.Comm, BHMCT in collaboration with elite universities like the University of GreenwichJames Cook UniversityIllinois Institute of TechnologyVytautas Magnus University, and the list goes on! We wish to see students participating in credit transfer programs, taking their careers to the next level. The entire Lovely Professional University family wishes Aamir Khan luck in his future endeavors.