Sana Sultan Khan is a stunning actor, digital creator, and influencer. She is originally popular for her modeling and acting skills along with her alluring personality. The talk show was conducted on 15th September 2021 by the student organization, Dragcon, under the aegis of DSW, LPU.

She discussed some interesting and important topics that inspired the vertos. From her childhood, her prime goal was to be successful in the creative field. Her journey started when in college, an incident happened when a few of her seniors used to bully her and called her names like ‘fashion disaster’, this annoyed her. But this incident pushed her and she also added that she always gets motivated when someone points out that she will not be able to do it. She asserted that we should never change ourselves just for the sake of other people. Social media came to her rescue and once she got support from people out there, it boosted her confidence. Furthermore, she was also featured on New York Times Square Billboard and it really boosted her confidence.

Confidence plays a very important role in our life. Her mantra is “If you won’t believe in yourselves then no one else will believe in you. Just believe in yourself and the world will believe in you.” It is essential for us to respect everyone, and as the saying goes ‘Give respect, take respect.’ Being a digital creator, she also gave tips and tricks to the vertos. Even if you have low engagement or fewer followers, you need not worry about it, what really matters here is the content as well as consistency. As we have heard, “Consistency is the key to success”, this applies here too. This year she was even awarded ‘Social media star of the year’.

Illuminating live interaction with Sana Sultan Khan

She added that enjoying the whole process is something everyone should do, and also fits for a digital creator. In the coming years, this industry is expected to boom more. She went further and told that ‘When you are an influencer, you need to be thick-skinned, you can’t let everything affect you.’ It is important to differentiate between constructive criticism that will help you to improve and negative comments. She also raised awareness about cybercrime which is prevalent in the era of social media.

She also cleared the air by talking about some myths about acting that the looks and appearance of a person have nothing to do with acting, in the end, it is skills that matter the most. If you want to start acting, then theatre is the best way to kickstart your career in acting. Acting is more about skills, putting effort, and confidence. Like every other profession, there is a struggle in making a career in acting too and it is necessary as it molds you into a better and humble person. One should always keep going and do hard work, results will follow eventually. The final message that she gave to the vertos was, “People will always say something about you, either good or bad but what’s more important is what do you think of yourself. Be positive in life, spread positivity. Good things take time and great things take more and always be grateful.