A significant seven-member delegation from England’s Birmingham City University (BCU) reached Lovely Professional University (LPU) to have important mutual discussions in the areas of academics, research, pedagogy and more. The UK delegation was led by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Julian Beer of 170+ years’ old BCU. On this occasion, Prof Julian Beer was also conferred upon ‘Honorary Adjunct Professor’ (Visiting Professor) title to help develop LPU students and researchers of bio-engineering and bio-sciences. As an adjunct professor, Prof Julian Beer will undertake teaching, joint programmes, research, co-supervision of PhD scholars, attend conferences and facilitate strong ties between LPU & BCU, through his astounding subject-matter expertise.


Appreciating innovation, team-work, leadership and ‘Think-Big’ ideology at LPU, Prof Julian shared that it was his first visit to “dynamic” India which would now be cherished as a long association with LPU. He wished LPU the best for all of its aggression, innovations and ambitions and admitted open support to achieve its goal of getting included in the top 200 universities of the world by 2025. Sharing details about BCU, he informed that there are many things in common between BCU & LPU. Talking about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), Innovation and India; he offered LPU to become the first partner university in India by involving with the STEAM project, which is a melting pot of technologies, workspace and business support. He shared: “STEAM brings one’s ideas to life. We help entrepreneurs, sole traders, companies and individuals to build their businesses, develop new products, services and collaborate.”


Stressing upon a strong partnership, Prof Julian shared that collaboration between BCU and LPU is going on a huge success. However, it can be further helped by accepting all challenges endeavouring all technologies in support. Asking to work jointly in the area of social sciences, Prof Julian also offered support to Ph. D Scholars at LPU and wanted more exchange programmes of students and faculty members between the two universities.


Other visiting delegates from BCU UK were Research Associate Dean Prof Cham Athwal; University Sports Director Prof Mark Jeffreys; University Academic in Textiles Prof Caroline Raybould; University Head of Compliance Prof Anita Virk; Partnership Development Manager Makhan Singh; and, CEO Jute Republic Ben Ballinger.


Prior to this, Head Division of International Affairs Mr Aman Mittal welcomed the delegates and introduced them to the top officials at LPU while sharing in between the aims, achievements and vision of the university. Registrar at the university Sr Dean Dr Monica Gulati conferred Honorary Adjunct Professor letter to Prof Julian, Executive Dean Dr Lovi Raj Gupta informed all about academic and administrative achievements made by LPU in a small span; and, Dean Dr Geetha brought forth the research accolades at LPU.


Highlighting, BCU is already renowned for world-leading research in the creative arts, which coupled with the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) creates multi-disciplinary capability referred to as ‘STEAM’.  Collaboration across academic disciplines is recognised as essential to address complex global challenges and to create new solutions. BCU has also announced the largest investment into doctoral research scholarships to create new subject knowledge and to power cultural, societal and economic improvements.