The immense record of LPU in engineering placements is what many colleges dream of. We have seen top companies arriving at our university and selecting students through campus placements with huge salaries fulfilling the aspirations of many. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Google are the top recruiting companies that place a large number of students every year. LPU has always been known for its impeccable records especially the B.Tech. CSE (Computer Science Engineering) is in huge demand considering the growing technology and its constant requirements. Not only placements, but we have also witnessed students participate in competitions, quests, and winning on national and international platforms as the academic contribution is something LPU has always been proud of!

Yet on another proud occasion, one more student of LPU accomplished the impossible and is given the title of being “India’s Brightest Engineering Minds”! How? Read ahead and you will get to know!

LPU B.Tech CSE student Vustepalli Sai Charan has been declared as one of the brightest engineering minds across India and given a position of authority in ET Campus Stars Class of 2021 by the Economic Times. Heard this hunt for the first time? Let me help you out.

The Economic Times launched ET Campus Stars in November 2017 to inaugurate a hunt for the brightest engineering students. It is designated to make students recognize their capability and potential that they have locked up till now behind the doors of their college or university and project it in front of the entire nation. Thus, it helps to define the future of our nation and produce the brightest constellations among an ocean of stars! In other words, it is a quest to find the top engineering colleges geniuses, and if you are one of them, don’t hesitate to come up and participate!

It has successfully completed four of its editions and provided major breakthroughs and opportunities to the worthy to allow them to be in a race with the best in the business and the sharpest brains along with motivational interactions with major personalities to brush up their minds regarding their bright careers. Before participating, you must be aware of the eligibility criteria i.e. any student who is in his/her third or final year of undergraduate engineering program under any college of India irrespective of their participation in the previous editions (if they fit the criteria specified) can participate in this treasure hunt.

Vustepalli Sai Charan was selected out of 40000+ candidates ranging across 2000+ colleges and universities all over India and is among the few non-IITians who have been considered to be eligible for the title. He is the only student from Punjab to receive this honor.

LPU gives its heartiest congratulations and wishes him all the very best for his future achievements!