As we are aware of the fact that LPU has many International tie-ups with numerous foreign universities and colleges that our vertos has access to quality education and a whole new experience. The credit transfer program as well as the semester exchange program enables students to study abroad and enhance their career prospects. Many students of LPU had already unlocked this marvelous opportunity and are achieving their desired dreams. The vertos traverse through the most desired countries across the globe including the USA, Canada, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore, etc.

LPU Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) student Eva Sihag is embracing the fantastic opportunity of studying at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. It is a leading university that provides quality education in various disciples. The Swinburne University of Technology has many notable alumni who are leading in their respective fields. An abundance of opportunities has opened up for her with this credit transfer program and she has achieved the dream of many students of studying overseas. LPU has allied with many elite universities for various programs like B.Tech, MBA, B.Com, and B. Design.

Lovely Professional University has always been there to support and encourage the efforts and hard work of their vertos and never fails to provide the necessary platform to level up and hustle. Going overseas not only gives you a new experience but also enhances your knowledge, gives you exposure to a new culture. You can learn a new language and get exposed to a new environment.

Eva’s consistency and hard work have finally paid off. If you also have this dream of studying overseas, you can make this dream into reality with the help of LPU. You can also avail yourself of this opportunity of studying at these elite universities of any country that you desire and have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The whole LPU family wishes Eva Sihag the heartiest congratulations and all the best for future endeavors!