A group of 15 students and faculty from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom (UK), have embarked on a month-long ‘Student Exchange Programme’ at Lovely Professional University campus. The students, representing a variety of disciplines, will stay until July 12, 2023, to learn about the unique aspects of India and LPU.

Upon arrival at the LPU campus, the students are eagerly participating in various interactive activities and teachings organized by LPU faculty and students. These include classes on Hindi language, Indian cooking, dances, crafts, politics, sociology & Yoga, as well as important lectures on Indian business philosophy, physiotherapy, ergonomics, and lifestyle. Presently, they are also attending workshops on coil pottery, fabric identification, coloring & dyeing, and participating in fashion week with all practices, choreography, and shows. In addition, the students will also go on field trips to places of historical, religious, industrial, and patriotic importance in and around the state of Punjab.

During the cooking classes, the English students enjoyed learning the art of preparing the most loved Punjabi dish of sweet “Jalebi,” which they later devoured with great enthusiasm. They are eager to learn every Indian art/technique presented to them at LPU campus. The primary focus of their learning is the rising economy, the best education, and rich cultural heritage of India.

Dr Aman Mittal, Vice President of LPU and Head of the Division of International Affairs said, we are delighted to welcome the visiting students from the University of Greenwich to the LPU campus and to provide them with an immersive cultural and educational experience. LPU has collaborations with numerous universities worldwide, and we are proud to have established a partnership with the University of Greenwich. We look forward to continuing to provide international exposure and learning opportunities for our students and those from partner universities.

The visiting students come from a variety of disciplines, including advertising, digital marketing, architecture, international business, management, sociology, criminology, psychology, engineering design, politics, innovation, and pharmaceutical sciences. They will learn and experience the greatness of Indian pedagogy and culture through simulated and hands-on practical training in the innovative and practicality-based LPU labs.

Founded in 1890 and accredited by top professional bodies, the University of Greenwich is well-known for its high teaching quality, research excellence, and diversity of its students. Based on a world heritage site by the bank of the River Thames, the University has campuses in London and Kent, hosting thousands of students from over 130 countries.