LPU’s Department Of English Organized a Literary Fest


Written by – Omisha Pradhan

The Department of English displayed a well-organized effort of creativity and talent with the Literary Fest held on 28th March, 2017 named ‘Panorama’. The event was lined up with various literary items ranging from an energetic welcome dance, showcase of an array of exquisite collages by the students, a tragic play, and some heart-touching poetry which the students had written themselves. It was no wonder that the Chief Guest of the day, Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal was very appreciative of this unknown bundle of talent.

The event began with a Bhangra performance by the students as a welcome gesture for the much awaited Chief Guest of the day and it would be appropriate enough to compliment that they set the floor on fire. As they say, your whole day depends upon how you wake up; and these dancers definitely set the energy for the day. The program was then followed by a series of interesting events. The crowd first witnessed the exhibition of splendid collages based on the famous writers and works of Literature like Shakespeare, Oliver Goldsmith, Oscar Wilde, and the list goes on and on. This unique display of collages proved to be quite helpful for gaining information about some unknown literary facts. Next, there was a poetry session where students from the Department of English, Hindi and Punjabi recited their beautiful poems and left the audience clapping for more.

However, the one performance that stole the show was the play performed by M.A. English first year students, Doctor Faustus. Doctor Faustus is a tragic play written by Christopher Marlowe which explores the tragic journey of Doctor Faustus who grows dissatisfied with his limited studies of law, theology and analytics. Therefore, he decides to turn into the dangerous practice of dark magic or necromancy. He sells his soul to Lucifer, the king of hell, in exchange of twenty four years of service from Mephistopheles. This decision of Faustus leads him to his own downfall and ultimately to his tragic death. The play was directed by Mr. Brijesh Sharma of Fine Arts Department, and initiated by Dr. Shreya Chatterji and guided by Dr. Ajoy Batta of the Department of English. The crowd was left quite bedazzled by this powerful display of hunger for knowledge and suffering.

By proving their acting and designing skills, this event has set a breakdown from the stereotypical view of Literature who people believe are capable only of reading and writing. This masterly organized literary event has set a new benchmark for the Department of English.