LPU’s Regular and DE Students Collaborate to Organize a Tech Event in...

LPU’s Regular and DE Students Collaborate to Organize a Tech Event in Hoshiarpur

Tech Event in Hoshiarpur

School students in India are often less aware of the numerous growth opportunities that await them in the future. With the vision of social welfare in mind, LPU’s regular and distance education students collaborated to organize a tech event at GMA City Public School, Singriwala, Hoshiarpur on 28th July 2018. The event was appreciated by the students and their parents. This helped the young students get familiar with opportunities in the various fields so that they can build a career in a field of their choice.

The event was initiated by Mr. Navdeep Singh who is a student at LPU Distance Education (LPUDE). Making the best of being an LPUDE student, he met B.Tech regular students at LPU during Google’s Educator Meet at LPU in October last year and collaborated with them to organize a Tech Talks Conference.

LPU Student Mudit Sinha presenting the Tech Talk Event

Among the presenters of the conference was Abhishek Maurya, who is a student of B.Tech CSE at LPU. He conveyed to the school students about courses like Unity and Blender available at Lovely Professional University. Mudit Sinha, a B.Tech CSE student at LPU shared his knowledge about ethical hacking with the students and changed their perception of viewing hacking as something negative. Gurtej Singh, who is also a B.Tech CSE student at LPU informed the school students about MOOCS and various online courses that students can enroll in for free and learn from home.

Tech Event in Hoshiarpur
LPU Student Abhishek Maurya presenting the Tech Talk Event

Beginning with one small step, the LPU students seek to organize more such tech events across the state to make school students more aware about the interesting career options. In fact, this entire event was organized by LPU student Navdeep Singh at his own expense. During their feedback, the school students thanked the organizers for making them aware of various career options like 3-D animation, ethical hacking, graphic designing, etc.

LPU Student Gurtej Singh presenting the Tech Talk Event