Body language refers to the non-verbal signals or gestures that we do during communication. Though a person doesn’t talk or listen or laugh or cry at a certain instance we can determine the body language of that particular person. Body language has the power to convey volumes of information based on facial expressions and body movements. Studying body language is not about judging someone based on their looks, its rather observing one’s core personality.

So, here are some ways through which we can read body language:


The actions performed by your eyes reveal everything about you. You can manipulate anyone by making perfect eye contact. Making direct eye contact is considered to be one of the best body languages. Looking down constantly without making any eye contact shows that you are unable to make good eye contact. Some actions like blinking, crying and many more may indicate nervousness, trembling and anxiety in a person. Make use of different tips to make your eyes look bright and active. So always put your head straight and observe the right thing which you feel is desirable.


Body proxemics is the term used to describe the movements of our body in space. The way we mould our body gestures to make it perfect during any kind of presentation indirectly outputs our attitude and confidence. Even the way we tilt our bodies makes a major difference. Move left and right in your personal space, stand tall and confident, maintain good posture (put your back straight and widen up your shoulders) slight movement of hands and head are considerable. These can be some of the tips to maintain good body proxemics.


Dressing sense plays a key role. Though every person has their individual sense of dressing, it is important to not to forget the basic requirements required for a proper dress up. Make sure that your clothes are properly ironed. Mostly prefer solid colors and minimize the usage of huge pattern clothing. Using too many ornaments is not a good sign of professionalism. Make sure you smell good and look neat and clean.


Confidence is one of the key points in body language. Lacking confidence is a signal of bad body language. Be confident in whatever you do. The way you shake hands with each other tells the level of confidence in you. Do not loosen your grip on others’ hands. While expressing your appreciation make sure you give a tight and confident hug. Do not space out while delivering your speech. Maintain a constant bold smile on your face.


Be it a small issue or a big issue pay your 100% attention to every aspect. Every problem has a solution and that particular solution can be derived only if we pay attention. Listen to others carefully. Never let others know that you are not interested in a particular thing. By observation and attention, you can resolve huge level problems through the finest solutions. Not paying proper attention indicates disrespect towards a person which is not an attribute of proper body language.

Body Language Affects How Others See Us. But It Also Changes How We See Ourselves.