* Occasion was ‘Youth Talk’ series organized by the Division of Student Welfare at LPU

* Her Excellency Mrs Marie Claire J. Monty forwarded the growth mantra of “Learn, Unlearn & Relearn” to LPU students for all-time success

Lovely Professional University (LPU) recently had the honour of hosting Her Excellency Mrs. Marie Claire J. Monty, the High Commissioner of Mauritius to Australia, Japan & New Zealand, for a special event in the university’s ‘Youth Talk’ series. The event provided an opportunity for LPU students to engage in a dialogue with the high commissioner and gain insights into the growth and development of Mauritius as a nation.

During the event, Mrs. Monty shared her growth mantra of “Learn, Unlearn & Relearn” with the students, encouraging them to embrace these principles for long-term success. She emphasized the importance of continuous learning and acquiring new skills and knowledge to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. However, she also stressed the importance of being able to unlearn outdated or incorrect information and perspectives, to make room for new and more accurate understanding. And finally, she highlighted the value of being able to relearn and adapt to new situations and challenges, as this allows for personal and professional growth.

The High Commissioner also talked about the potential of the students of LPU and how they can take advantage of the opportunities in Mauritius. She said, “Mauritius is a land of opportunities and I am sure the students of LPU will make the most of it, by virtue of their hard work and determination.”

The students were highly inspired by her words and got particularly impressed by her emphasis on the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement. Many of the students who participated in the event shared that they were motivated to take an active role in their own personal and professional development, by embracing the principles of “Learn, Unlearn & Relearn” in their own lives.

Welcoming the high profiled guest at the campus, LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal highlighted the historical bonding between Mauritius & India. In this context, he also wished that this relationship of long years should now further get translated into the areas of internationally useful education and research. He also added that at LPU we believe that such interactions and opportunities for students to learn from accomplished individuals like Her Excellency Mrs. Marie Claire J. Monty is essential for their overall growth and development.

On this occasion, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal and Vice Chancellor Dr Preeti Bajaj were also present on the main dais.