Mechanical engineering is considered an evergreen branch, it is also one of the oldest branches of engineering. Mechanical engineering involves more physical work and computer simulations in addition to coding skills. This is why it has been considered as the mother of engineering. A mechanical engineer must have patience, inquisitive, and the ability to do multitask.

Automobile projects

Fast and furious will no more just a virtual entertainment movie for Mechanical Engineers. The students will get the opportunity to work on Real automobile projects.

Why choose Mechanical Engineering in LPU

Two Personal labs are assigned to the students only for the projects, the labs are of ASME and LSCC.

– ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
– LSCC: LPU’s SAEIndia Collegiate club
– SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers.

Work Culture

Active and non-active members can access the lab at any time. Mostly the students work on projects on daily basis till late at night. No time constraints, you can work any time, it can be 4 AM, 2 PM, or 11 PM.
Why choose Mechanical Engineering in LPU
All the tools, instruments, welding machines are available inside the lab. No need to issue anything, or take care of the bill, it’s all free. Just work on your idea, make a project. Hence, the Labs are easily accessible here.


Few Mech engineers do love coding, and they are excelled in it. Few can code better than a CSE guy. They not only contribute to machinery work but also in robotics, automation, electronics, and IT Industries.

Why choose Mechanical Engineering in LPU

Mechanical Engineers have a fair chance of getting placed in the IT Industry based on their coding skills. They are allowed to sit in IT company drives also, if Company permits.
Thus, it provides more opportunity & enhances the placement success rate.

Product development and patents

Product development and innovation are what most of the engineers do, it can be a capstone project or to design a product for the contribution and the upliftment of humankind. When one starts exploring any particular field, the loopholes will emit, and based upon his/her learning one needs to rectify the existing problems. This leads to the innovation and development of a new product.


After discovering or making something new, then comes the concept of a patent. A Patent filing from this university is quite easy if you have made something good and new. All the pending patent filing process hurdles will be carried out by the Supervisor and mentor. Students have to worry less about it.

The opportunities are available, it solely depends on individuals how much they can avail.

“Explore more, regret less”