Change, onerous things for Human Life. Substituting something new and unfamiliar behaviour for the behaviours which are comfortable, old, and sometimes not that good for our future, needs Self-Control. The brain works against Change and makes change too hard for an individual. We have to practice every day to fight against our brains. The Repeat Button is the key to success in fighting against the brain to change. So, here are a few acts to start your New Change Project.

  • Start Your day With Self Talk

Tiny Change, Huge Impact

In this way, the question that is going to come to your mind is, what is Self-Talk and how it’s going to affect your life? So, Self-Talk motivates your inner soul and helps to believe in yourself, a practice of talking to oneself. It fills your mind with positive vibes and the confidence to face and conquer the word with new energy. One of the Self-Talks that I repeat every morning in my life is

“I can do anything that I want with a Burning Desire, and with the Determination.”

  • Show Attitude of Gratitude

Tiny Change, Huge Impact

As a human Focus on good and deal with the problems. So here I have one task for you, take out a pen and a paper or Open online Notes application, Now write all the positive things in your life as, I have a fully functional body, I am blessed with this family and meal, etc and do write all the problems in your life. You’ll be amazed that the problem is not more than 30% of that list, so why we focus on negative.

“It’s time for a change the Focus to positiveness and try to deal with negative, not vice versa.”

  • Sometimes, Replace Music with Podcast 

Tiny Change, Huge Impact

A Country with Music Lovers, where the average rate of listening to music is 21.5 Hours a Week, against the global average of 17.8 Hours. What if we can replace our music with somewhat, a podcast. Different Platforms are now free of cost which provides you with a quality podcast of diverse genres like Educational, History, Self-Help, and my favourite, story genre.

“Music helps us to heal and podcasts give us the knowledge to uplift from the damage.”

  • Adding One More to every Positive Act 

Tiny Change, Huge Impact

One More Rule is simple yet a powerful rule which every individual should try. For Example, A gym guy who decides to do 10 Push-Ups, will always try to do 1 more means 11 push-ups, just easy as this. One more act of kindness, one more smile on a face, one more happy soul.

“One more act of kindness and you are ahead by 365 in a year”

  • Learn Two New Vocabulary words and A phrase Everyday

Tiny Change, Huge Impact

Vocabulary, in any language, give us an upper hand over others who are mastering that language, building a habit of learning just 2 new words and a phrase every day, can result in an astonishing and unbelievable change in personal as well as professional life. Read Novels and Story to be a good one. In a month, we can experience that confidence that is generated by using and learning those words. 

“You can’t build up a Vocabulary if you never meet any new words, and to meet them you must read”       

  • Replace Cold Drinks with Healthy Juice and Water

Tiny Change, Huge Impact

Cold Drinks are good for some events but you should always keep the harmful effect of Carbonated Drinks in your Mind. The research concluded that 350ml of the cold drink is equivalent to 10 spoon of sugar which promotes Insulin formation in a large quantity, affecting the Liver badly. To produce 350ml of soft Drinks, a company uses more than 40 litres of water, including production, post-production and transportation. It’s harmful to our environment. There are a lot of alternatives like Chaas, Mattha, lime Water, Coconut Water and many more which are tastier and healthier than carbonated drinks.

“One Cold drink a day, and your health is not in a Good Way”

  • Be Kind and Help Others

Tiny Change, Huge Impact

Kindness, the major constituent of an individual personality who is successful along with a satisfied and Happy Life. These acts of being kind help us to face pain in the world. It takes one person’s Genuine Will to help and then there is always a way. An act of kindness will uplift your spirit with the ocean of positiveness, happiness, and Joy of Service. Last but not the least, be grateful for what you have.

“Live your life in such a way, that those who don’t know God, but know you, will want to know God because they know you”