There are the great days, there are the good days and then there are the bad days. The great days are those days where something unexpected happens. Great days are your fate. The good days are those days where you get what you wanted, you get your way with people. The bad days are those days where expectations are not met.

It’s natural to detest bad days. But do you know that you are liable for all your bad days? There is simply one way to avoid having bad days. Stop snoozing your alarm!

The reason I insist on this is because it’s the first decision you make in a day. Delaying the time you wake up has a chain reaction and ends up delaying your entire schedule, day, week, month and in the long run your life too! It may be a simple action but it has a huge impact.

The reason we all set alarms the previous day is a stone age habit. Humans need to be assured of tomorrow today.  Therefore we make plans and set time to follow them. Consider this situation: You are going home by train this winter. You reach the station on time and find out that your train got delayed. Each quarter of an hour you keep checking the running status. Every time you check the status and find that the train is delayed, your impatience multiplies. You are irritated and you start swearing on the Indian Railways. At some point, you are bound to get fed up. The train arrives 3 hours late. You are not satisfied, not happy. There is a feeling of heaviness resulting from all the stress and impatience.

Why you should never snooze your alarm

In this analogy, life plays your part. You play the trains part. Unlike the Indian railways, you control your decisions, you give yourself the “go” signal. The environment has zero impact on your actions.  Decide and stick to your waking up routine. If you love sleeping late into the morning then set your alarm at 8, 9, 10 whichever one suits you the best. Wake up when the alarm goes off and move out of your bed to avoid temptation. Keep up in pace with your plans made the previous night. I guarantee all your days to be good ones.