College is all about expanding your perspective about the real world along with developing knowledge about subjects that matter. Besides the course that you have chosen, there are other areas of study that you can explore and learn. They would not just add extra credits but will also add to your personality and skills. If you are a student of Computer Science, trying an additional course in painting would help you reflect your passion.

No matter which course you are enrolled in, there are plenty of free online courses, certificate courses, distance diplomas and other workshops that can either be attended on-campus/online. Along with your degree, you can study these subjects and add them as a bonus in your CV or LinkedIn.

Here are some of the major advantages of having additional courses/workshops:

  1. Career Advancement

There are two types of people who graduate, the first, only with a degree and the second ones with a degree, 2 certificate courses, one distance diploma, 9 workshop experiences and 5 online course certificates. It is very clear who would get that top spot in the company and who would end up struggling at the bottom of the ladder.  

  1. Personality Improvement

Trust me, putting in an extra effort has its own charm. When a student is pursuing an online course in programming or let’s say animation, the coding he does or the animation he makes is just for his own self. There’s no criticism, no boundaries and no deadlines. This is when one really gets to know who they are. Along with improving their technical skills and knowledge, their confidence reflects in their personality.

Why Additional Courses alongside Degree are Important for College Students

  1. Giving Value to your Time

Yes, being in college is often hectic, with lectures, assignments, and exams, it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. But, let’s not deny that we also have a lot of free time on our hands too. Let’s say we had our last lecture at 5 pm and after that even if we reserve one hour for social and another for getting to hostel/home we still get 5 – 6 hours of leisure time. Websites like Courseera and Edx have hundreds of courses that only demand 1 to 2 hours of your time per day and are curated for every interest. It not only adds value to your time but the certificate is worth much more.

  1. Making you a Brain Wiser

Whether its life or career, a person with well-rounded knowledge is more appreciated than someone who has knowledge of a single subject. Even if you go for an interview, they would probably ask you about your hobbies or the other things you are interested in. For example: If you are an advertiser but with an additional knowledge of graphic designing, you can compensate anytime if the designer of your team is not available. This is what many companies look for in their employees.

There are many reasons why you should enrol in the extra course. From scoring additional credits to just enjoying the subject as a hobby, such courses will refresh your mind and help you concentrate on your core better.