As humans, we always keep learning. It could be watching videos, reading, writing, speaking, listening to music, observing and much stuff like that. Because the list goes on, it has now become easy for people to discover new meanings to the same word. We live by a different set of rules, different belief systems, we form different patterns to our surroundings, and the only reason is we all are different.

Have you ever noticed that when you light a candle, you also cast a shadow? Apply this simple rule to your life now. Every little task you perform, each and every activity you’re involved with. It all has an effect, the reason being you are practicing it day by day. And when you practice something daily, you become better at it. Now it doesn’t matter whether or not you practice negativity or positivity, you just become better at it. The single most powerful weapon in the world is the MIND, and once you learn how to control it, you will become the master of your own life.

The working of the mind is simple. The moment you give it an instruction, and it starts working, it starts working because it doesn’t differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong. For example, if I told you not to think of a WHITE CAT, of course you might have given it a thought reason. Unfortunately, your mind doesn’t differentiate between good/bad or right/wrong.  And now imagine what if you keep practicing distraction all day. Slowly it turns into weeks and then a month and then a year. And now you have become better at getting distracted. The scenario would’ve been different if we would’ve practiced Positivity and Improving ourselves. coming to the present world. We are surrounded by a lot of people, and everyone has a story to tell. It might be their problem, experience or whatever they are dealing with at the moment. 

Whenever you face a problem, you will observe that people will tell you WHAT TO DO but not HOW TO DO. The reason most of our problems remain a problem is that nobody taught us how to deal with it. We observe and listen to people saying (Take care, have a nice day, keep smiling), but has anyone ever taught you how to have a nice day or how to keep smiling? I guess the majority of the answers will be NO! Isn’t it strange that you expect someone to do it when you don’t teach them how to?

There’s a game of life and everyone has to play it from the day you were born to your death. And now it depends on you on how you’re going to take charge of your life. Most of us are trapped in our circumstances, and the external forces keep controlling us. We are hardly in control of our life. Ever noticed the game of chess? King and the pawn go to the same box after the game. Own your mind, control your life by controlling the thought you process every single day because day by day it will form a habit. Make yourself and your goal a priority. Work on improving yourself so that when you’re involved in this, you have no time for distraction to control your life.