Anatomy of Life!


Some things at various points of time in our lives happen magically or we refer to them as magic because we cannot find a certain logical explanation to that. Think about one incident of your life where you were saved from a major accident or you literally touched the shoulder of death and came back. Funny! Isn’t it? How these incidents add up to our beliefs and thoughts! Many of us believe that the way of our lives is predetermined and when I write this, I can hear Hrithik Roshan from the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara” screaming in my head that everything is destined, and it is all written, this moment, us being here, is all destined!

But at the same time, some of us believe that we are the designers of our destiny. Every deed and every action that we do determines what is going to be next. We believe if we do not study for the exam, the result would definitely be awful on the grounds that the belief here is not vested in fate or destiny but mere hard work and our actions. On the contrary, many of us go quiet confidently because some power in which we firmly believe will get us enough passing marks or we take comfort in the possibility that whatever has to happen, will happen.

We apply similar theories for births, deaths, meeting people, or precisely meeting a certain kind of people, and falling in love. All these significant events that take place in our lives are pre-determined or logically answering – patterned. If we notice closely, we will find patterns all around us which are made through our course of action and furthermore, our life is nothing but various similar patterns which we consistently draw and function upon.

When we grow up, we make up stories and excuses to get by the bad stuff saying, “this wasn’t meant for me.” But is it so? Was it really not meant for us or are these just stories? Or maybe the universe truly has some tricks up its sleeves and it saves us from all the misfortune.

You decide what you want to believe in.