As the second wave of COVID-19 has hit India, we have witnessed a sudden hike in the COVID-19 cases in the past month, making the situation worse even with the ongoing vaccination drives. New symptoms are also discovered in many infected patients leading to the suspicions of new mutated strains of the virus, thus adding to our concerns. The present situation of COVID-19 is different and scarier than the first wave, building up the need to vaccinate everyone a necessity.

What are the different symptoms?

The Coronavirus is constantly mutating giving rise to new strains and new symptoms which are more fatal than the initial ones. Unlike the known COVID-19 symptoms of fever and cough, people are now experiencing nausea, cold, abdominal pain, muscular pain, joint pain, weakness, myalgia, and vomiting. People are also experiencing several gastrointestinal problems including diarrhoea, cramps, and severe pain increasing the risks of infection even in the patients who lack any classic symptoms of COVID-19. There are also high risks of the virus attacking vital organs and causing life-threatening pneumonia adding to the symptoms demanding people to be more careful than ever.

We need to keep in mind that not every case is severe; some can be asymptomatic and may not affect much depending on the type of immunity your body has. So, the treatment and medication are based on the complexity of the situation. As it is said that the ones with weaker immunity suffer more especially elder people; the younger generation too isn’t left behind and is ending up with complications increasing the mortality rate. So, all the healthy people who haven’t got themselves tested yet, are needed to do so at the earliest to receive proper treatment at the right time and reduce any risk.

How important is vaccination at this point?

As we know that the vaccines were prepared for the original strain of the virus, there is a possibility that they may not be completely effective against the new strains that are infecting the majority of the population. However, WHO has suggested everyone to take the vaccine as it is the only way to counter the virus and prevent its symptoms from turning fatal. Even if you are tested positive after being vaccinated, it is expected to lower down the risks and the severity of the symptoms and their effect on your body, hence, preventing mortality or any long-term causes of the disease.

We are still required to follow all the health measures essential for the prevention of the virus. Wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitization will help us to prevent not only COVID-19 but also other diseases that infect us badly.