We were hoping that the coronavirus cases would decrease very soon. Suddenly it hits the peak last month and we have night curfews and lockdowns. The situation was about to get normal and we were hoping to get back into our normal life. Many students had already booked their tickets to go back to the university, but everything changed and our hopes got shattered. I know how much depressing and frustrating this time is for everyone. But when things are not in our hands, we have to control our emotions to deal with the difficulties.

Many of you might be worried about how to handle this situation again! You can make yourself happy by doing things you love and also by keeping your distance from things that are hurting you. Take some time out for yourself and do whatever you love as these little things can give you happiness.

You may watch some comedy shows for at least one or half an hour. Comedy shows can refresh you and enlighten your mood and obviously, we all know how important exercise laughing is. Listening to music is also a good practice and it’s one of my favorite activities. Make sure you do these activities in moderation otherwise it can distract you from your studies.

In this harsh ongoing period, you need a support system called a friend. Talk to your friends who can understand you very well. With friends, we can share everything without any hesitation and they are always there to help us. Whenever you are feeling low or frustrated, talk to them for a few minutes and share your thoughts. I’m sure it will make you feel better.

Doing creative activities like painting, knitting, designing and so along with your studies will make you active and maintain your physical and mental health. Read some quality and inspirational novels that might inspire you.

The most important thing is to avoid overthinking. Don’t think too much as overthinking gives you bad thoughts, depression and anxiety, and will make you frustrated. No matter the circumstances, we should always have a positive approach to things in life. One day, we surely get back to our normal ways of living. Until then, stay strong!