Remembering the Morris Worm


On 2nd November 1988, the whole world was in for a shock as approximately 10% of the world’s computers had come to a crawling speed. The whole cyber disaster was caused by the world’s first computer worm, “The Morris Worm”. It was a type of computer virus that spread like wildfire across the internet. It’s creator Robert Tappan Morris, a grad student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology initially released this worm to check the size of the internet, but a miscalculation in its formulation led it to becoming one of the most vicious worms ever as it infected premier institutes like NASA, MIT, Pentagon etc.

Today, the Morris worm maybe no longer be in existence, but other such serious worms have entered our network systems. Different terrorist groups too are using various types of computer programmes to steal classified information. Nowadays people receive various e-mails and messages regarding some lottery or the other and are asked to send their personal information,these too are hoaxes, or attempts at infecting our system. We must never fall prey to such things and ensure our safety while connected to the internet.If we become the victim of any cyber crime then we must immediately approach the cyber crime branch of our nearest police station.

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