We’re actors in our lives, pretendin’ to be who we want people to think we are.” -Simone Elkeles

People are always amazed by the luxurious and glamorous life of actors, or I should say film stars. Even some of them worship them for the roles that these actors handle gracefully. They are an inspiration to many people.

One such big personality, Rohit Bose Roy, acting in the Indian film and television industry for almost 25 years, was invited to “My Unscripted Moments” by UNYC under the aegis of the Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University. He has been a people’s choice from the very start of his career. He is celebrated for his roles like ‘Vardhaan’ in the Indian Television classic, ‘Sanjivani’ and ‘Amit Shellar’ in the Indian thriller movie ‘Kaabil.’

Lovely Professional University’s faculty Mr. Sachin Sidhra hosted the show where he asked Mr. Rohit about his moments that were never revealed. There was a big revelation from Mr. Rohit that he never wanted to become an actor and wanted to direct films. He is also producing some movies for the future to fulfill this aspiration. He shared an iconic instance from the movie set of “Shootout at Lokhandwala,” where the director actually shot in the air to give the scene a realistic effect.

He shared about his role in the movie LOC Kargil where he had to shoot in extreme conditions, and he got to experience the life of a soldier. An artist indeed lives more than one life. There were some emotional and touching family discussions too. The show was very inspirational for the teenagers, and Mr. Rohit had many insights to share with the students. Mr. Rohit was very humble and humorous throughout the show. It is always great to learn about successful personality’ experiences. He actually summarized his journey to success in these points:

Points to Remember

  1. Whatever we do in life, the ultimate goal is to be successful. No one wants to be a failure, so instead of feeling low and negative, work for improvement and success.
  2. Life is nothing but a compilation of highs and lows. So love and live happily. Our parents are the only people who will be by our side at worst. So be true to them.
  3. Mental peace is the most important thing right now, so we should practice controlling our minds through mindfulness activities.
  4. Instead of opting for shortcuts, be patient and keep things natural and simple. We should consistently work toward our goals.