Short Term Course on Geospatial Perspective on Disaster Management was organized by the Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) and the Department of Geography, School of Humanities w.e.f. May 22 to May 27, 2023. The course aimed at enhancing the participants’ understanding of the role of geospatial technologies in disaster management and their application in disaster risk reduction and response.

Program convener Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor & Dean and Head, HRDC welcomed the participants and expressed that, “The rationale behind organizing this Short Term Course is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in disaster management. By empowering participants with geospatial skills, the course will build the capacity of the participants and they will be capable of leveraging technology to address the complex challenges posed by disasters and work towards more effective and sustainable disaster management strategies.” She congratulated the coordinators of the program Dr. Savita Gupta, Professor, and Head of the Department of Faculty Development, HRDC, Dr. Manu Sharma Professor and Head Department of Geography, School of Humanities, LPU, Dr. Anand Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Ms. Sushma, HRDC for effective coordination with resource team and participants.

Co convener of the program Dr. Pavitar Parkash Singh, Professor and Dean, School of Humanities LPU while setting the context, emphasized the importance of integrating geospatial technologies in disaster management, he expressed, “In today’s technologically advanced era, geospatial tools offer tremendous potential in enhancing disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, he added the course crafted to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to harness these technologies and make a positive impact in disaster management.”

Distinguished resource persons were invited to share their expertise during the course. Prof. A. R. Siddiqui, Professor & Ex-Head, Department of Geography, University of Allahabad, Dr. Avijit Sahay Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Doon University, Dehradun. Dr. Roohi Rawat Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Dr. Mahvish Anjum Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Allahabad State University, Payagraj Dr. Tabish Hashmi Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Lovely Professional University and Dr. Anand Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Lovely Professional University, deliberated on :

  • Geospatial Perspective on Disaster Management
  • Role of Geospatial Technologies in Disaster Management
  • Remote Sensing and GIS in Disaster Management
  • Application of Remote Sensing in Disaster Risk Assessment
  • GIS for Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Geospatial Analysis Techniques for Disaster Management
  • Case Studies and Best Practices in Geospatial Perspective on Disaster Management
  • Geospatial Data Visualization for Disaster Management
  • Integration of Geospatial Technologies with Early Warning Systems

The sessions included lectures with demonstration to provide experience in geospatial data collection and analysis. Participants had the opportunity to engage in discussions, share their perspectives, and present their projects at the end of the course.

The Course received positive feedback from the participants, who appreciated the comprehensive and practical nature of the program. The resource persons’ expertise, combined with the coordinators’ efforts, created an enriching learning environment.

The successful completion of the Short Term Course on Geospatial Perspective on Disaster Management not only contributed to the professional development of the participants but also reflected LPU-HRDC’s commitment to promoting innovation and knowledge dissemination in the field of disaster management.