In collaboration with 8 Punjab Battalion (BN) NCC, Phagwara, LPU is organizing a five-day Annual NCC Training Camp at its campus. The battalion is conducting the camp under the guidance of its Commanding Officer Colonel Yogesh Bhardwaj. All 88 NCC Cadets at LPU are participating at the camp to comprehend the esteemed values and discipline of NCC.

Cadets are undergoing a comprehensive training and attending classes led by their respective instructors from the battalion. The Cadets’ training includes rifle-drill, shooting, map reading, first aid, adventure activities, and more.

LPU organizing Five-Day Annual NCC Training Camp at its Campus

While addressing LPU NCC Cadets and talking about the training modules during the training Camp, Commanding Officer Colonel Yogesh Bhardwaj shared: “NCC is very important for students to succeed in life as its very motto is ‘Unity and Discipline’”. He also shared key principles of NCC as “obey with a smile; be punctual; work hard and without fuss; and, make no excuses and lies”.

Colonel Bhardwaj also informed that the National Cadet Corps has the purpose of recruiting regular students as cadets for basic military training in small arms and parades during their study period on a voluntary basis. Once students complete the training, they are given preference over normal candidates during selections based on the achievements made. Preference can be in the active military service, various other services, and also in admission in the higher education sector.

Holding various socially useful placards in their hands, Cadets also get engaged in massive rallies, at the campus, concerning ‘Social Awareness’. The rally organized today was inaugurated by Colonel Bhardwaj and Dean Division of Student Welfare at LPU, Dr Sorabh Lakhanpal. Dr Lakhanpal seconded Col Bhardwaj and shared that NCC is very important for all students. It develops qualities of character, comradeship, discipline, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship, and selfless service among the youth.