Away from the clutter and clatter of our society lies an island full of monkeys, desolated mountains, jungles protected by local tribes, forests where the river waters are so clear, indigenous towns, ancient cities, and stories. Everything about the world is perfect, and it thus makes traveling alone worthwhile.

Here’s what you can learn by traveling solo:

It’s an investment of time to connect with yourself

If there’s one thing solo travel will define the most is your relationship with yourself. By going on a solo trip you will allow yourself to grow for the better and explore the more trusting version of yourself. Traveling alone teaches you that life is full of surprises and constant opportunities which need to be explored. While, it’s about self-love, self-talks on some days, but on most days it looks like curiosity for beauty and experiences that no one can take away from you.

Let’s you meet new people

Traveling and unraveling the world alone is never lonely, all it takes is a leap out of your comfort zone. The friendships you will make and the discussions you will have in unexpected places will become the highlight of your lives. You will be in awe of how so many people relate to you. Allying with indigenous people and listening to their histories is an incredible gift that comes with traveling solo.


A Completely self-curated trip, that is the dream. Listen to your heart intently and keep moving. Witness freedom to make your own decisions, fuelled by your purpose. Visiting all those places whose histories you have read about in books, eating what the natives eat, exchanging conversations with anyone you wish to, and wearing anything you want to is the ultimate definition of freedom.

It opens the door to your hobbies and passions

As you trek down deep into beautiful forests and rivers, the door to new experiences opens. The interactions with people may teach you something new. You get to reflect and peek inwards and find your long-lost inner joy. Explore your interests and passion. Like learning how to swim, cooking, writing, singing, reading, the list goes on. Never forget you are your constant companion, so set yourself free to witness the resilience, joy, and love you carry within you, away from the materialistic world.

Overcoming your fears

Crossing rivers, jumping into waters, staying in camps, lots of mosquito bites, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and rafting could be challenging, yet so fulfilling. It takes a lot of courage to overcome your fear and explore all by yourself. Various kinds of thoughts pop in your head but in the end, it is the best way to make self blossomed memories.

I think it’s time to reopen your travel bucket lists, refocus your energy towards the beauty of life and travel into the wilderness.