Quite often will you portray a student focusing on a book solving some problem or reading some stuff, completely focused and cherished by everyone if I say you to imagine a studious student? The question arises whether such imagination and portrayals excite you or do they make you feel uncomfortable.

Why Studies?

studyNo need to mention that if you want to become successful you need to study and gain knowledge but if you think a little about a broader perspective you will realize that studies help in what we call as evolution – to become better as compared to who we were.

How does it become pressure?

studyIt’s as simple- ‘When you study just because you have to rather than because you like it’. From the marks-oriented education system to lack of proper guidance, there may be hundreds of reasons as to why studies nowadays are becoming more of pressure but eventually, no one chooses to be in such a condition.

Can we love studies?

studyWhy not? How do you think so have great discoveries and creations being done? The great man did it because they loved it, they were passionate about it. The day you began to feel that what you are studying is going to make a difference that matters to you will be the day you start loving it and from that day onwards your journey of achievements would start.

What is the recipe for it then?

studyFirstly, understand the scope of the study is not just confined to maths and science or engineering and commerce. Thanks to the internet now you can study anything let it be cooking, dancing or even meditation.

Secondly, believe that what you are studying will truly change the course of your life and will make you what you dream of regardless of the opinion of others. Lastly, charge with wits and will and fortune will be yours.

What are the signs of the right track?

studyIt is important to keep checking whether you are on the right track. Some strong parameters to confirm it:

  • When you don’t keep track of every hour you are studying it means you are enjoying your studies and going on the right path.
  • If your efficiency boosts up even if you are studying for the same hours as you did before, that means you are improving.

Lastly, keep in mind “learning is a never-ending process” so make yourself such that this process doesn’t exhaust but drives you.