It’s important to take care of yourself and most of us pay good attention to Physical Health, but when it comes to Mental Health we often tend to ignore it. And believe it or not, results could be really fatal. Here are a few ways by which you can maintain a lifelong Healthy Mental state.

  1. Open-Up about your Thoughts

If you have any unwanted thoughts floating all-around your mind you should definitely consider sharing it with your loved ones. At first, it may feel awkward but later everything would be fine. It gives you a sense of not being alone and makes you feel supported. Give this a shot and this might help you cope up with the situation.

  1. Take a Healthy Diet

Eating clean and healthy not only helps you to be physically fit but also helps to sustain good mental health. Our brains need a combination of nutrients to work well, just like any other organ of our body hence having a good diet can do wonders for you.

  1. Staying in an Active State

It is very important to stay active and do Exercise as it can bring out a great change in you. It increases your self-esteem and keeps you mentally fit. Exercise is not always playing a sport or doing the heavy workout in the gym but simple activities like Walking in the Park or doing the Households can even bring out a big change.

  1. Practice Your Hobby

Doing something you love and enjoy can do a lot when it comes to Mental Health. When you do something you love, it releases a hormone called the Dopamine which gives us a sense of Pleasure and Happiness and improves your performance in every aspect of your life. It could be simple activities like playing the guitar or practising a sport could bring a big change.

  1. Meditation

A lot of studies have already proved the power of meditation. Meditation is something that each and every one of us should practice in our daily routines and it can come out to be one of the best things you ever did. It enhances your mental stability which eventually results in a better Productive mind.

  1. Reading Good Books

As it is said that Knowledge is the key to success and what could be a better source of knowledge than the Books. Reading good books not only gives you Knowledge about certain things but also enhances your personality in a very positive way. You develop your inner-self and result in becoming a better version of yourself.

  1. Looking out for Positivity

In this internet-driven world, we often come across negative content online which is not good for our mind when given in bulk. We should try looking for Optimistic pages and channels and feed our timeline and minds with the same. Optimism is a very good trait and makes you much better and likeable as a person.

Following the above practices can help you achieve a great Mental Health but nevertheless, if you come across any Mental issue then you can maintain your Emotional Well-being by taking free online counselling services by our University by the Counseling and Happiness cell in collaboration with YourDOST. For more information regarding the service, you can check out the UMS Announcements.