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How to manage your schedule during end terms

How to manage your schedule during End Terms?

Another online semester is about to end and with the arrival of End Terms, the period of stress and tension has just...
Attempting ETE on My class Codetantra

Attempting ETE on My class (Codetantra)

The final days of this semester are here. For the first time in human history, mass proportions of teachers and students are about to...
What You Need To Know As Your Exam Ends

How to prepare for your End Term Exams

As everyone is aware of the upcoming End Term Exams, so it’s high time for all of us to start preparing for it. Here...

#ExamsAtLPU: The Trending Hashtag!

Recently, vertos were given “news” (don’t know any non-contradictory adjective for this!). This news was about the end term examination of the 2019-20 Spring...

How To Prepare For The End-Term Examination

Well, no one had ever thought of the situation we are facing right now. PANDEMIC. So, considering the safety of the students, the University...