There’s a new beginning to every end, also every start always comes out as an opportunity for us. The year is about to end and so is the decade. Well, can you imagine that? How far have we come through and yet there is a lot more left to cover still.

As the exams end here and so is a complete semester, the university witnesses a much friendly happy vibe (as always) flowing all across the big campus. Every other minute a student is being seen along with their belongings leaving the campus, as they head towards their respective homes/trips. We all are stressed about something and we all need breaks, and here comes the term break from the university. Students are provided with these vacations in this chilling cold season, so they can refresh themselves, celebrate the beautiful merrier festival of Christmas alongside the New Year’s eve and then return to their scheduled professional life as of around 5th January, for this session.

On the other side of the shore, some students have chosen to stay back here and prepare themselves for the coming semester. Also, pre-placement classes with early access to the approaching final year students have been arranged already. Students who have opted to attend these classes are also provided with hostel facilities alongside mess as an option for them. No wonder, why the university is named professional when the students themselves are so desperate for studies and are ready to sacrifice their vacations by choosing their career over everything. How can we not believe students getting placed in big MNCs from here?

Time changes, life still goes on. Yes, it goes like that.

Being a student I better know too, how hard it feels to cope up with the changing time. Ending terms/semesters one after the other, getting into a completely new class with new faculties and fellow mates, new subjects, new challenges or in short say, adapting a new different environment. It takes time, it takes efforts and it takes your commitment, of how supportive you can be to yourself so maintain a balance along with everything going on of its own and being the one who you are.

So, this winter, to give a grand welcome to the coming year, take time and start investing in yourself. Not a resolution, but why not as an oath that would contribute for a better you of coming tomorrow. List all the points where you think it is needed to be improved, write down things you are grateful for, make goals, give a start for a to-do-list which you can maintain later. Pick a sport you want, pick a hobby whether it be singing, painting or playing the guitar, get yourself enrolled at the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) and go do what you have always wanted to. Now is the time, get the things done. Because they say, “If you are still not happy at the end, then it is not the end yet.”