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My Encounter with Comedian Rajat Chauhan

My Encounter with Comedian Rajat Chauhan

The annual gathering of a college's alumni is always a very exciting time for any institute. It is a time when former...
LPU Student Muskan Taneja Appreciated by Stand-Up Comedian Harsh Gujral

LPU Student Muskan Taneja appreciated by Stand-up Comedian Harsh Gujral

“Laughter is the best medicine”- Milton Berle People work their whole life to achieve something. They seek moments...
Literary Fest

Literary Fest organized by UNYC at campus

LPU's United Nations Youth Community (UNYC) successfully organized its LITERARY FEST. A team filled with highly enthusiastic, supportive and cooperative members organized the fest...
Bingo Comedy Adda

LPU organized a hilarious event ‘Bingo Comedy Adda’

“Laughter is the best medicine” is a popular saying prevalent amongst all of us. And student organization ‘UniDad’ focusing on the same aspect organized...

Famous Stand-up Comedian Manpreet Singh at LPU

Still cannot stop laughing? Well, that is indeed because of Manpreet Singh the famous Stand-up Comedian, also known as Comic Singh, who performed at Lovely Professional...