“Laughter is the best medicine”- Milton Berle

People work their whole life to achieve something. They seek moments of happiness throughout their lives. In the unprecedented times of COVID when people had to be locked inside their homes, the moments of happiness were quite few. In the gloomy times, laughter is important to lighten the mood and soften the blow. Everyone got hooked onto the shows which spread positivity. The people who put make others laugh unknowingly makes lives better.

The profession of comedians is considered a noble profession by people. Many famous comedians have emerged in this decade. A new category of comedy i.e. stand up has originated and people love stand-up comedians as celebrities. A stand-up comedian brings out the irony of pretty much everything. A person must be observant enough to be a stand-up comedian. Numerous open mics are being organized each day to get the best stand-up comedians forward.

Perseverance and dedication are always awarded success. The people who can sustain themselves in the journey of life are the ones who truly deserve to be successful. LPU has been known for providing pioneers in diverse fields to the world. Lovely Professional University is an institute that cultivates talented individuals and gives them a head start to reach stars. The individuals who have great potential and the determination to burn the midnight oil get a nourishing environment at LPU.

LPU student Muskan Taneja, studying MBA got the opportunity to share the stage with viral Internet comedy sensation Harsh Gujral. She got the opportunity on the live show Jo Bolta Hai Wohi Hota Hai. She did an opening act for the show. Harsh Gujral was so impressed by Muskan that he personally met her and appreciated her for her work. Muskan has been thriving since day one.

I, personally have seen her taking every opportunity. She has taken part in each talent show that she could get. She has done plenty of open mics in the university and outside too. She has perfected her gigs by practicing and participating relentlessly. She has proven that professions other than the mainstream professions can also be opted to become successful and prominent in life.

We congratulate her on the achievement and wish her the best possible for her future endeavors.