Gone are the days when heavy bags, burdened academic success. Technology today is revolutionizing the lives of millions of students on the planet. The arrival of brand new, portable, sophisticated tools and products in the education sphere is easing up the conventional ways to gain knowledge. The tools are endless. Technology is observed and evaluated as a product or service.

Heavy School bags - How technology has changed eduacation

The first chalkboards arrived in 1840s, later on after 30 years green ones hit up the arena. The chalkboards are still the basic and widely used tool to train or educate the world.

Traditional blackboards - How technology has changed eduacation

Surprisingly most of the great breakthroughs were made on these chalk based boards. Take the case of Albert Einstein.

Blackboards- How technology has changed eduacation

The chalkboards had cons. It produced a lot of dust and soot. Tutors faced lung diseases. Also, eye contact with the dust is problematic. Today we have dust proof chalks to jump off this barrier. The use of chalkboards is worldwide.

Then came the whiteboards. Which used a volatile ink based markers, worked on the phenomena used in a capillary tubes. These were completely dustproof. Whiteboards are famously used in professional institutions and offices. They are cleaner and efficient way to project data. The dark suits will be spoiled with the white chalkdust. Well that was about office.

White board - How technology has changed eduacation

Until 2010, the world was all bookish. There wasn’t any efficient way to help kids to understand the concept better. Then came the smart classes. Revolutionized the teaching mode for the first time.

White board - How technology has changed eduacation

All graphics and interactive animations on the go. Just a bunch of arrangements in order to create animations and interactive learning environment. This has become a common tool in Indian schools of this decade. Lighting up the minds of students graphically. Helps students solve different spherical problems from a varied point of vision.

Smart Classrooms- How technology has changed eduacation
The PhET Interactive Simulations are doing a remarkable work in the field of simulations for kids.

This can currently be called as the latest tool in this industry. Thanks to various mobile applications and YouTube, now your classroom can be held in your palm. Smartphones have enabled kids today, to learn in the most efficient way possible.

Educational Mobile Apps- How technology has changed education
Mobile Applications are becoming famous among students.

The regular practice tests and continued assessments guarantee a perfect score in his/her examinations.

Youtube - How technology has changed eduacation
YouTube has become the most used tool to learn literally anything on the Internet

You see, implications are endless. Machines and Technology go hand in hand in a coordinated manner to make this possible. So cheers and happy learning!

As always, never stop asking questions!