“A Story can never be bad, but always be yours.”

Student Organisation ‘Griffin’ under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University organised a storytelling event called ‘The Incomplete Tale’. The event’s motto was to bring the storyteller in you. This one-of-its-kind storytelling event saw some great stories and even vibrant and colourful styles of storytelling. From suspense to satire, we saw stories from all ranges and parts of society.

With participants from Aerospace Engineering to Agriculture, it was a mini LPU itself in the event. The event started with the participants getting randomly put into groups of three or four. After that, each group is given a story prompt at random. The first participant had to continue his story from the prompt giver. After he is finished the next participant goes on with his story and so on.

The event saw some unique stories that too from variety of genres. The judging criteria were based synchronisation with the prompt, flow of the story, pacing of the story, the plot of the story and the details and potential of the story. With each rubric adding a maximum of 20 points to the participants, we finally got of Top 3 participants: Vignesh Kumar, Riddhi Malhotra and Rishika Awasthi.

After announcing the results, the jury shared their feedback with the participants and motivated them to achieve much more heights in the future. The participants also shared their experience in the last and said that they were extremely happy with such an event. All in all, an event of this magnitude goes to show the talent pool of LPU and the stories that it has in store for us.