Freshmen year is that part of our lives where we are just out of our comfort zone and with little steps, start to proceed towards the adulthood awaiting us. Although it is generally an exciting journey, still for some of us it becomes extremely hard to adjust and adapt to the new surroundings. Maybe due to homesickness, or the feeling of being alone; away from our parents, relatives, and friends who together created a cocoon around us to protect us from the harsh world. Although the feelings and emotions cannot be avoided, the effect can be reduced to a large extent by indulging ourselves in various activities so that we are literally busy to have cramped thoughts and feelings in our minds.

So here comes the few things to learn during the freshmen year to not only reduce the mental stress but also enhance our skill and increase the chances of getting the dream placements by manifolds.


It is the most important thing to learn in the freshmen year. It has many aspects of advantages. First of all, you get noticed in college. Want to get popular? Learn personality development. As straightforward as it seems. Secondly one cannot even imagine how it can help to get placed with a good CTC as the MNCs not only look for good academics but also excellent personality. For bookworms: You may not end up with a job if you don’t have a good personality even if you have a 9.5 CGPA. So that’s the first and foremost thing to do.


Okay, this isn’t a compulsory thing but still what’s the issue if you donate your free time to something adventurous and interesting? It will surely give you pleasure learning how to communicate in an entirely different way than you used till now. Also obtaining certificates after learning foreign languages will help in lengthening your resume and creating positive thinking about you at the recruiter’s end. And who knows? Maybe after 15-20 years, you will find yourself settled in the country whose language you are learning now. Remember life is always unpredictable.


HobbiesAfter a few years, you are going to enter the corporate sector, education sector or something like that. You would be made to stand in front of a large number of day to day problems. That’s where learning management will come to use. At first, you can start with event management as a team in an event of your college, then gradually proceed towards taking a whole department upon your shoulders and ultimately the M.D. of a particular program of your college. It’s always recommended to get certificates to add to your resume because, at the end of the day, it affects the placement that you get.


HobbiesCertainly, it’s not a thing to learn rather it’s a thing to be practised. But doing a course on it will help you do it in a more professional way and will double up the interest of it in you as you are learning more and more of the things you love. And again, it would add as a garland to your resume. Having hobbies like photography, designing…? It can end you up in a high-paid job too.


HobbiesWell, what a football player trying his hands on cricket? Or a badminton one on shooting? You must have seen the Indian cricket team playing football during the training session. Human interest has no limits. It can make anyone do anything. You might be a good Hockey Player but what’s the issue trying your hands on cricket if you secretly want to? Never suppress your desires. They can bring the best out of a person. Just cast your fear aside, move on and play the sport you want. Obviously, everything you do is not for the Resume, some are for pleasure too.


Last but not least, do spend a significant amount of time on your course as in the first year you will not be provided with too many things to learn. Just the basics of it and it will do. You give time to it in the first year, clear the basics, the road ahead becomes smooth and if not, no one can help you later.