Newcomers usually enjoy their freshman year in the college. They just either lightly focus on studies or extra activities. They carry a common mindset that the main course and their full development will start from the 2nd year. But they are wrong, they can improve themselves and their value from the initial weeks of the college and stand stronger than the rest of the class. Here are a few things you should start as a fresher to boost your CV from the beginning.


certificationOnline or offline certifications are the most important thing that reflects your skills and depth of knowledge in your specialization. You should start taking free or paid MOOC’s depending on your requirement as soon as possible. This will not just improve your knowledge, but you will be far ahead than classmates and even seniors. Maximum MOOC’s conducts their exams at the end and companies are easily impressed by those decent grades.


certificationCompanies also have a keen interest in knowing the projects and practical work done by you from the skills you have learned in the college or on your own. If you are machine learning enthusiast, then What ML applications you have made? Start searching for projects for that skill you start learning and do those just after the course completion. If you are a CSE student compete and push your rank on programming websites.

Soft skills

certificationIt’s good to focus on your course and content from the beginning but the most important thing that can directly raise you in the interviews are your soft skills. University has various clubs regarding personality development so join any of them from the beginning. They will drain out all your stage fear and debate hesitations. Also, start volunteering in college events and participate in maximum event organization tasks.


certificationNormally freshers thought that internships are something which needs to be done in the third year or final year of college. They don’t know that they can start working with organizations from the beginning. There are various websites which give you the opportunity to part-time work with companies or opensource projects. The more duration you spend on internships, the more experience added to your cv. Also, try to collect the maximum number of recommendations from organizations or college personalities.


certificationHow to start work at the beginning of college? You don’t need to buy a plot and build an organization. Start working on small things. Create a blogging channel or an innovative website or app, work for college clubs or departments. Students can also form their clubs and teach students different skills and disciplines. Working apart from studies will teach you time management, leadership, and punctuality, and these qualities will easily attract companies.