Younger siblings are the only mortals on this earth we almost do everything for. We teach them, we scold them, we blame them, we doggedly expostulate with them but still, we hold them dear to our heart. Casual derogatory remarks are always audible in the house with our siblings present. But we cannot afford to even think about them getting hurt. Here are some things you’ll only relate to if you have a younger sibling at home.

  1. The bruises

Now, I don’t even need to explain this one. A lot of you may still have scars from times your younger nemesis prowled at you and even though, you felt you were going to die with pain, your folks discarded the injury as a mere ‘scratch’.

  1. The unpaid babysitting job

Ring some bells? Remember how many parties you missed just because you had to take care of your younger brother/sister just because your parents weren’t home. Yeah, I know the pain. P.S. If you are an Indian, you might have also stayed home to open the door for the maid.

  1. The unachievable maturity expectations

No matter how young you are, you will always be treated as an example for your younger sibling by your parents. Do something wrong and all hell would break lose. They would happily lecture you on your level of maturity even if the age gap between you and your younger sibling is minuscule higher than an iota. For them, you being elder is the prime point of discussion which should be directly proportional to your maturity.

  1. The bossing around

Now, this is the only fun part. When your arch enemy comes of age, you can finally pest them for doing stuff for you. You get to freely boss around and no matter how much they cringe at you, they are somehow bound to do it.

  1. The inability to accept

You’ll always act like a know-it-all in front of them. You have an innate inability to digest the fact that they’ve outgrown their baby shoes and are ready to step in this world. You’ll always be overprotective about them.

Despite all these feeling that are cramped up inside of us, we cherish them dearly and would happily lay our life in front of them.