Turn Your Phrase a Little (2)

Turn Your Phrase a Little (2)


Here are some worlds of wisdom from around the world.

  1. “When elephants fight, it is the grass that gets hurt.”

Origin- Kenya

Meaning- Fights of the powerful only hurt the little guys

  1. “The devil always takes back his gifts.”

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Meaning- What comes easily goes back easily. Nothing lasts forever.

  1. “With if’s, Paris could be put in a bottle.”

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Origin- France

Meaning- Everything is possible hypothetically.

  1. “Accusation always follows the cat.”


Meaning- It’s easy to blame someone who can’t argue back.

  1. “As small as it is, the sparrow has all the right organs.”

Origin- China

Meaning- Good things come in small packages.

  1. “To live with a wolf, you have to howl like a wolf.”

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Origin- Russia

Meaning- When you are stuck in dangerous situations, try to blend in.

  1. “Those you don’t know a falcon will eat it.”


Meaning- Know the value of people around you.

  1. “When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.”

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Meaning-With teamwork, even the small can defeat the mighty.

  1. “If you see your neighbour’s beard burning, put yours in water.”


Meaning- Learn from the misfortune of others.

  1. “A cat in mittens won’t catch the mice.”

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Origin- Italy

Meaning- Being too careful and polite doesn’t always get things done.