The most talked about Indian political regime of ‘Acche Din’, under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Damodardas Modi presented its final budget of their tenure. Arun Jaitley, the current Finance Minister of India put forward the Union budget 2018-19 on February 1st, 2018. Let’s see what effect it is going to have on the today’s youth and their daily lives.

  1. The price of cars and motorcycles are to be increased which shall lead now to more consideration among the today’s young automobile savvy generation. The increase of import duty charges, as well as various other aspects, have made the dream bike/car, a little harder to achieve. There are now going to be more whining ‘kids’, begging their parents for a bike.
  2. All those fitness freaks of whose diet, juices play an integral part are gonna need to pay a little more dime towards their body. The taxes on many of the packaged juices have been almost doubled which is going to increase the prices of them significantly. Looks like roadside sugarcane/orange juice sellers are going to garner a lot more attention than before.
  3. Today’s youth is more of the show off generation as they tend to show to people how cool they are by possessing different new and expensive gadgets. However, the significant rise in the prices of mobile phones is surely going to make the head scratch for the generation on how to influence their parents to give them an already overpriced phone at an increased price. No points for guessing the phone.
  4. As this generation is quickly moving towards the glamorous and fashion-friendly environment, the ‘beauty queens’ and ‘handsome hunks’ are now going to need shell out more cash for their maintenance. This year’s budget has significantly increased the prices of beauty products scent sprays, sunscreens, shaving preparations as well as services like manicure, pedicure etc. Don’t get shocked (scared) if you see someone without makeup for the first time post the budget implementation.
  5. Watches and footwear are something today’s youth are especially considerate with. As they say, “Shoes make your impression before you”, it has been quite popular these days. The youth today, especially girls are quite infatuated with the footwear and won’t be too happy if they have to repeat the same footwear too many times. The same goes for watches and sunglasses. However, this year’s budget has ensured that there will be a subsequent rise of ADIBAS(fake ADIDAS) and quite a lot fake ray bans in the market to cater to the needs of this generation.

All in all, the budget will make you crave even more to be completely independent, get a full-time job and earn your own money.

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