“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.” -Sally Mann

We all love to cherish our moments with our loved ones and appreciate reliving those moments in the form of photographs. The photographs provide a visual satisfaction to our hearts. The career of photography is considered to be a noble one.

To understand the life experiences of a photographer, student organization UNYC under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, LPU invited Mr. Bobby Joshi, a prominent photographer, top 50 influencers of 2018, and founder of “GoodShotz.”

Entering into the Realm of Photography in “Unscripted Moments” with Bobby Joshi organized by UNYC

This was a segment where the viewers got a lot of insights into his life and experiences. The Unscripted Moments started with his challenges during the lockdown. He conveyed that he could not work in lockdown because of his nature of work, but he learned many skills in that period.

Then, he explained the different sorts of photography, including traveling photography and landscape photography. His journey to success was the result of his unwavering self-belief and consistent efforts. He had a zeal to travel right from his childhood as his dad was in the army. He was fortunate to travel around cities like that. Nainital, Shillong, etc. He got to appreciate nature in his early days, and it went on till his corporate job. His first company was a consulting firm, and then he founded his infamous photography company.

When he was asked to tell his best moments, he cleared that it would be biased to name only once, and every destination has its place in his heart. He elaborated on the art of photography by telling about its importance. For him, it is like a standard language of expression. You can put out your view and understand others’ opinions with your vision. When he was asked about his achievements, he answered very humbly. He had some unique thoughts about influencers. He said, “Influencing is just a bi-product of the work that we do. We must share our experiences with others, and people are free to choose.

Entering into the Realm of Photography in “Unscripted Moments” with Bobby Joshi organized by UNYC

He believed that photography as a career needs other skills from marketing to finance to get into this business. He demystified the world of social media marketing subtly. He is a true artist who believes any art is just “a doodle of mind.”

He told the viewers about his journeys and experiences with some lessons. The highlight of the session was his constructive thoughts about nature and industrialization.

To put it simply, he said we just need “planned growth,” and that will solve most of the problems with nature. This concluded the fun session with insights into his life and his tips for amateur photographers. To watch the whole episode, follow this link: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CRq3ezZFS2Y/.