We are living in an era of such technology and internet services where we are just a click away to attain whatever we desire. This has become so vast and advanced that it turned out human communication effortless than ever. Here you tap and there you are connected to the person wherever located in the world.

Relationships! The connection and commitment between two people to stay together! And here is space where software presents us to ‘Virtual Relationships’. What does a virtual relationship mean? A relationship with someone in the world who physically doesn’t exist with the other person but made to appear with the help of software. However it sounds, it is very common in the existent generation.

Virtual Relationship

‘The youth’ who are tremendously stuck to their busy schedules of school-going, college, and 9-5 day jobs and some who are insecure to showcase their true selves in the real world, the virtual platform has grabbed the attention of this generation utmost. A human is a social animal for a purpose, he seeks compassion, love and better understanding for his contented existence. More from the real world one witness the lack of honesty and faith, more he is being entitled to some deprecating expression and constantly encounters a rare understanding of his thoughts and emotions. And then there is an open space of virtual reality where he may not find a pinch of judgment or any expectation but can share and expel his heart out with a person on the other end.

Life revolves around the relationships we hold with us. Life is all about it.

Virtual Relationship

We may have a bond of relationship with anyone either it comes from the real world or virtually. More communication and confidence to express one’s psychological beliefs and the state requires reliance on the other person. A person himself lacks a level of patience and expect to be understood by others in the perception he believes in. And usually, reality doesn’t coincide with his agreements. Or better we can say, in the real world where the other individual physically exists one can barely hide and filter his true personality and mindset. Whereas virtual platform grants you with a privilege to act accordingly in your terms in either of the ways, to exhibit the best version of yourself constantly even if it isn’t true or to pour out your fears and real vulnerable you without any hesitance. Virtual relationships build trust easily for the definite reason because he is brought to a range of emotions and sensitivity from the other end. And initiate to believe and sense that more than any close being around him, only that person behind the safe screen clicks with his mind and soul.

Everything has two sides and enlistment of pros and cons never cease. Human beings are gifted with their best features of intelligence and emotional act. After reaching an age every person is enlightened of what is right and what is wrong. Righty said, ‘It is better to go with the flow‘ but it doesn’t remark to lose the sensibility and lack your perspective. It all depends on how you deal with it.

Diverse thoughts and ideas can come from different people from different places. Eventually, be it a virtual or real relationship you hang on, never get too entangled! Relationships only last good when it supports your individual growth and you realize your self-worth.