A year of online classes has introduced us to new platforms and a new mode of study where the topmost priority lies in the teaching platform on which it is conducted. It depends on a variety of factors like how much data will it use, what will be the network quality, will students and teachers be able to interact properly, and many more.

The most commonly chosen online platforms are Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype which are convenient to use. Though these platforms are both student and teacher-friendly, they lack some of the essential features. But if I tell you that there exists a platform where you can swiftly conduct classes and exams without missing out on any important features, would you believe me? If you are a Verto, then surely you will! The platform is none other than myclass.lpu.in powered by CodeTantra.

My Class has been a lifesaver for us consisting of characteristics absent in most other platforms making studying easier and comfortable. Some of its major traits are discussed below.

Downloading PPTs directly in the class

The teachers are given the option of making the presentation they have uploaded downloadable in the class. This is indeed a necessity to keep track of the lectures and studying them on daily basis.

‘Microphone’ and ‘listen only’ mode of joining

You are given two options to join the class where ‘microphone’ mode is the interactive mode and more preferable one but if you are having any network issues or a defective microphone, you can join with the ‘listen only’ mode as well.

Recording of every lecture available

The complete recorded lecture of each subject is available after 24 hours so, if you tend to miss any important point or were unable to understand a topic, you can always revisit and clear your concept especially during exam days. You can also jump slides while viewing it and alter the speed too.

Different options for public and private chat

You can always ask your queries in the public chatbox but if you aren’t comfortable in doing so, you can text your teacher personally during the class to clear your doubt. You can also text anyone present in the class.


One of the best methods to check the attentiveness of students in the class is to conduct a poll. A poll is an MCQ question where you can mark your option and the results will be visible to your teacher. This helps them to see how many students are present in front of their systems and paying full attention.

Uploading YouTube videos with ease

Another uncommon feature is that the presenter can upload a YouTube video related to the topic they are teaching and the students can save the link and watch the video without the screen being shared. This ensures proper audiovisuals without compromising their quality.

Raising a hand to ask a query

You can raise your hand if you have difficulty understanding any concept or want to ask a doubt without interrupting the flow of the lecture. The teacher can always attend to the student after they have finished with the particular topic.

Sharing of presenter rights

Most of us have our CAs in the form of presentations where our teachers give us the right to present. This includes sharing of webcam, uploading your prepared PPT, sharing your screen, using a blank board with pens (like MS Paint) if you require to draw and make it stick and span.

Conduction of exams

Exams can be conducted with proper monitoring by and proctoring in MCQ format under certain rules and regulations preventing cheating in the best possible way.

These were some of the additional features that I could recall of which makes CodeTantra certainly the best online platform. If any of the other unique features strike you, do remind me!