What to Gift Yourself on Your Birthday



I love birthdays, especially my own. It’s always the same feeling that I had as a kid when I dressed up in new clothes and distributed candies in the class, and generally got to be the center of attention. But gifts are always a challenge, for others and for myself. What? You’ve never bought yourself a gift? Remedy the situation, this time round, with one of the below suggestions.

What to gift yourself on your birthday

1. Concert Tickets: Who doesn’t like concerts? I do! Gift yourself tickets of your favorite singer’s concert, unless someone is already buying those for you! Trust me, it’s all worth it.

2. A Camera: It’s my favorite. Buy yourself a polaroid camera. It’s the best gift ever if you like making beautiful memories and then keeping those safe inside a scrapbook. I actually got a camera for myself which I am going to use only for those special moments. If you know what I mean (wink, wink).

3. Cook For Your Friends: Notice how I shy from using fancy words like ‘dinner’. That’s an option if you live off-campus and want something special. You can invite some friends over and cook dinner for everyone and have a really great time. I feel cooking is a spiritual activity. And if you live on campus, invite some friends and you can make Maggi in your electric kettle (like I mentioned in one of my articles).

4. An Outfit: So you like shopping and do it often and do not want to do something else on your birthday. Girls, go shopping and pamper yourself with amazing outfits and makeup. And guys, use the occasion to gift yourself a classy suit. Everyone should have a couple.

5. Rest: Finally, if you are just not that social homo sapien, rest! Give yourself a day off from your regular routine, eat junk or healthy (however you like it) and Netflix and chill in your pj’s and baggy sweatshirts. Get a cupcake to mark the special occasion. It’s perfectly normal to behave like that on your birthday. I promise nobody would call you weird.

So these are the top five things I’d do. Of course, not all in a single day but I may try different things every year.