Nowadays every student is running behind the grades and all the students want good grades in each of their subjects, but no one is ready to understand that the grades are not everything. Whenever students get low marks/poor grades, they get frustrated and disappointed. Some of these students even decide to give up their studies but they should understand and analyse why they are getting poor grades.

Reasons why students are getting poor grades:

  • Addiction to technology

As technology is increasing day by day, thus its impact is visible in all the aspects of life. Its impact on the students is worst as students can’t live without technology even for a second and this is hindering their creativity and brainpower.

  • Poor sleep and eating habits

This is also one of the major causes of getting poor grades in academics. Sleep is essential for memorizing and understanding things properly and good eating habits are a must for a healthy body.

  • Excessive socializing

Nowadays students are using more and more social media and apart from that, they engage in social meetings with friends on weekdays as well which also hinders their studies.

These above-written habits lead to a lack of attention and concentration.


Solutions to these problems:

  • Switch off the internet while studying and especially half an hour before going to bed to have a good sleep. Even if you want to use your phone at night then do use the blue light filter as it will reduce strain on your eyes.
  • Restrict social meetings on weekends only and always have the courage to say no to your friends and peers whenever needed.
  • Always attend your lectures and never miss them. In case you didn’t understand something, approach your teachers they are always there to help you out.
  • Don’t eat junk food especially before bed as it creates a hindrance to sleep.

In the end, follow these tips to improve your grades and apart from that develop a positive attitude and be determined. Be in touch with your parents as they are your biggest support system and always remember that technology is good but in a limit. After all excess of everything is always bad.