All of us have watched Indian television shows at some point in our lives. The vertos got the opportunity to interact with mesmerizing personality himself, Shakti Arora. Shakti Arora is a well-renowned Indian television actor who appeared in many shows and was recently featured in the song “Ishq nibhava” with Divya Agrawal. This talk show was organized on 20th August 2021 by the Student organization, Wissen, under the aegis of the Division of Student Welfare, LPU.

Shakti Arora shared his life journey and experiences. He got the opportunity to learn new things that fascinated him for a long time during the pandemic, like investing, economics, photography, and even learned few home chores. From his childhood days, acting and glamorous life always captivated him and when he started working towards it, he realized that to achieve any goal in life, hard work is important. He admires Aamir Khan. He was an introvert when he was a child and had stage fear but he constantly worked on it, and now he is an ambivert. He worked in a call center where he learned to speak English properly. He asserted that he did many small things starting from standing in the crowd to being a junior artist. He added that all these small things and efforts played a major role in altering his life.

Shakti Arora never shied away from doing any work. He was always inquisitive about all the work. He always wanted to be the lead actor of a show or a film where you can pull off the whole project. This needs a lot of preparation and he believes that all the work that he did before was his preparation and if he hadn’t done all those tasks then he may have not been able to achieve what he has achieved now. The life-changing moment for him was when he got the ‘Balaji Telefilms’ show. His parents and relatives used to give him feedback on makeup, lighting that he kept in mind while shooting so that he could improve the audience’s experience. He loves watching DDLJ and if he had the chance, he would have loved to act in Jab we met.

You can watch the full recording of the talk show on the official Instagram handle of LPU (@lpuuniversity) :

Key takeaways from the talk show:

  1. Your small steps and efforts took today lead to bigger success in the future.
  2. No work is small or big, it is you who make it as big as you want.