Ms. Nehal Chudasama, an Indian model, Fitness consultant, holder of the beauty pageant title, Miss Diva Universe 2018, one of the champs among the triad’s for the laurel of Femina Miss Gujarat, winner of the subtitles Miss Body Beautiful & Miss Multimedia, Indian envoy to the Miss Universe 2018 pageant held on 17th of December, 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand, embellished Vertos at Lovely Professional University with her bespangling aura on 25th of April, 2021 through an online interactive session organized by Wissen, under the aegis of the Division of Student Welfare.

For the record, she’s Gujarati, was born and raised in Bombay. Vogue came quite naturally to her. She’s always been a confident person, and she invariably had a divergent thought process. Her thought process was miles from the customary, even while she was a kid. She was ardors and knew precisely where she stood. She never had stage fright, could show herself boldly and courageously on stage. She had already worked as an anchor woman and knew how to interact with the crowd. That’s how she ended up in the pageants.

The untimely demise of her mother to cancer was a devastating point in her life. It was only then that she became conscious of her gifts and ventured outside of her solace. Since she was 17, she coveted the breakthrough to compete in a beauty pageant. She was a plump, obese teenager, consistently rejected as a consequence of her appearance. She was only 5 feet 6 inches tall but weighed 70 kilos (154 pounds). In the beauty & modeling industry, this is utterly impermissible. To stand proudly on stage, you must have a toned picturesque physique. She knew that she needed to enhance her physical condition. In 2016, she lost about 20 kilos (44 pounds) in three months and then returned to engage in the pageants. She had several setbacks en route, but after working tirelessly for twenty-four months; she finally earned the title of Miss Diva-Miss India Universe. She always wanted to be the voice to represent her country. Aside, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. She’s also known for her role in movies like Laila Manju (2020) and The Holiday (2019). In the meantime, she’s tirelessly working for her Bollywood debut as a
lead in the coming months.


Most of the time, we select our graduation domain based on what our parents want us to. She used her sibling as an instance, who is currently studying engineering to satisfy his father’s desires. He is a cleverly ingenious guy at the same time. In all realms, he performs flawlessly. As a commerce undergraduate, she danced on a similar track. While training for the pageants, she completed her fitness course. Balancing life is purely subjective and entails assessing the right things at the right moment.

She’d want to tell everyone who is reading this that nothing in this era will deter you from pursuing your ambitions. Triumphs can only be achieved by sheer will, skills, and dedication. She serves as a good example for others, and she wants them to realize it. She holds, “When you invest in the efforts to do something, you will excel in the long haul. Believe in yourself, and you’ll conquer everything on the way.