When it comes to the final week before examinations, every student starts knocking on the stress pills and drink glasses of anxiety with their meals. The classic method of coping with all this starts with chugging down gallons of energy drinks, pulling up all night at the end and cramming for the rest of your schedule. A typical conversation that happens during those days –

You: How much have of the syllabus have you done?

Friend: I’ll study few hours before the exam. I’ll not remember a thing if I study now. I’m going for a coffee now.

(Call disconnects)

10 minutes later –

You’re sitting with your friend at the coffee house discussing how both of you end up the same way every time exam approaches.

This looks fun and honestly, it is. But what’s better than having finished off your syllabus on time and then partying the last few hours? Here are 5 hacks that are not the obvious but much more creative and uncommon to ace in your upcoming end term examinations:

  1. Crack a Joke by which I am trying to say ‘Laugh out loud’

Have you noticed that some people cry when they laugh too much? It’s because of the worry they are hiding inside them. Laughing releases your tension and with the stress looming over grades and CGPA, it’s important you take a laughing break.

“I watch funny vlogs on Youtube or watch a comedy TV show or movie” – Danny Gistro, B.Tech (Final year)

  1. Mentally associate data with materials

Relate things to other things if you want to get the thing. Simply, just visualise whatever you are reading. If you’ve just learned that the colour red in Spanish is called ‘rojo’ then mentally associate with it. Both of them starts with R, both are small words and imagine a red banner with rojo in your mind.

Hacks to Ace in Your End Term Examinations

  1. Smell peppermint

Before the examination and while you’re studying, inhale the smell of peppermint. It is because studies have shown that the smell can help focus and retain information to a good extent.

  1. Google Trick

Google “site: Edu [subject] exam” to find all the different college exams featuring problems and study material pertaining to that subject.

  1. Chew on a weird flavoured gum

It wake up all your senses and helps you absorb the information way faster. It’s very unusual but it works.

None of the above can bring you luck if you don’t believe in yourself. The best hack of all is to motivate yourself and work hard for all that you wish to come true. Best of luck for the exams this year!