The Course Curriculum of a degree is designed by some of the elite members in the Academics. Computer Science is the most selected field of study chosen by engineers all over the world. As we are proceeding to the digital epoch, we need highly skilled computer science graduates.

All the subjects of the Course Curriculum are essential, but these six courses are more critical than other courses. Lovely Professional University works a lot on how a student should be taught all the subjects. So, trust faculties and always obey what they say; they are far more experienced than you.

  • C++ Language  

C++, powerful and fast, one of the most preferred languages among all the competitive programmers for Data Structures and Algorithm implementation. C++ can also be used for developing desktop apps, games, and game engines as well.

Most answers on Stack Overflow are of C++, which means a rich community. Let me tell you that software Like Adobe, Amazon, PayPal, Chrome are built using the same language.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA)

Most of the new learners avoid learning DSA. But, this language helps in building your logical memory as well as an implementation technique, which is helpful in a real-world scenario, including the development part.

DSA is a procedure of storing data in an efficient manner and Algorithm is a step-by-step procedure, which defines a set of instructions to be executed in a certain order to get the desired output.

  • Compiler Design

We all learn different types of programming languages during our journey. Knowing Compiler gives us the upper hand to work more efficiently with the Programming language. It can be in space-time analysis or to know the limitation of a particular language. Thus, improving the conceptual understanding and reducing the time to learn and understand a language. If you can make a compiler by yourself, that’d be great. So, do give it a try.

  • Database Management System

Most of us have stored some data in our file system. For a little amount of data, it seems fair, but when handling a more extensive set of data, it becomes some-kind of inception for the operator. To combat this problem of the file system for storing data, we have a Database Management System. Through DBMS, we can manage and process data more quickly and efficiently. DBMS comes in handy when we create a DB, retrieve or update, and even in managing it. You can choose a career as a Database management administrator, can go for data analysis as a career, and there many more to explore.

  • Computer Networking

Computer Networking is a kind of system where a group of computers is connected to share data. It enables a cost-effective nature because of the feature of resource sharing. We can choose the type as well as how to connect our nodes. Methods that we learn are IP Addressing, how to connect nodes, how the computer is going to handle the error, OSI, TCP/IP Models and each layer’s functions in computer networking.

  • Operating System

We all operate our system on OS like Windows, Mac, or Linux. As we know, it is a must for any system to operate. So, being a computer science student, we must know the functioning of OS, CPU Scheduling, Process Synchronization, Deadlocks, Popular algorithms, Memory Management, and File and Disk Management. After learning this core subject, we will be able to know these critical topics, and they are frequently questioned in placement interviews as well. 

So, mastering these core subjects becomes essential for your exams and in the big picture, for the placements. In LPU, Faculties are very helpful in guiding you through the topics well, and they will continuously test a student with the CA’s and exams and the MCQ’s at the end of each lecture. So, do well in CA’s, Mid-Terms and End-Terms, and you will eventually find yourself prepared for your interviews.

Along with these core subjects, an individual should develop some kind of skills like web development, app development, blockchain, Data Analysis etc., which should end with some projects to present your resume in a better way.