Be Yourself – Be Original


Being original is one of the most attractive traits we can possess. It is not a matter of being different in the eyes of the society, but being true to yourself. In a generation where we are so conscious about what the world thinks of us, slowly and gradually we are losing our originality. Our inability to accept our true self, leads us to follow a path that is not meant for us. We are so full of doubt about ourselves that we listen too much and overthink too hard, and build up unnecessary questions inside our head that cloud our judgement.

Most successful people in the world chose originality as a way of living. These people accepted their differences against all odds, and gave society a reason to introspect on their views. Their stubbornness in their self esteem, and their acceptance of being different allowed life to carry them to new heights.

No two person are the same. And it is only when we accept this fact that our life will present us with a clear path to follow.

We should never try to be someone we are not, or try to live up to something or someone. In the end, it is our life that we are living, and no one can live it at its best, except us. Follow your own ideals, and set your own rules, because no matter how much the world doubts you, it is your own opinion that matters.

Be different and live different. To follow is an outdated trend now. Live your life in the way you want to. Be Yourself.