Besides academics, our university provides us with a lot of opportunities to pursue our extracurricular interests. For those interested in sports, the campus is equipped with all necessities like a basketball court, cricket ground, swimming pool, and more. Students interested in volunteer work can get into government organizations such as NSS. Plenty of student-driven organizations help improve public speaking, leadership qualities, peer mentoring, and also efficiency in teamwork. Performing on stage in front of thousands of people helps boost your confidence. All these skills help you build a strong CV and help to stay career-oriented.

Communication Skills

The most important thing that an interviewer looks for is communication skill. And, it requires practice because it is not something you can learn by simply reading a book. Engaging in an extracurricular activity makes you talk to different people, each having a wide range of interests. With this, you can estimate how precisely you must communicate with a person.


When you are engaged in some extracurricular activity, you try to dedicate a specific time to that particular activity. You will understand that time dedicated will pay you off because you learn something wonderful. It also improves your work ethics and teaches you how dedicated one must be during work.

Leadership and Teamwork

Working together wins a game and the same goes for teamwork. Leading the team improves our leadership qualities. Working in a team teaches you how to get along with different people; this helps to expand your horizons. It also helps with learning and adapting new and creative ideas.

Improves Academic Performance

With consistency in adapting these skills helps balance your academic performance as well. Moreover, it boosts your time management skills and manages work without stress.

Broader Social Skills

Students involved in other activities get to know a lot of professionals. It helps to build their social skills. You’ll also learn how to maintain decent behavior in society. 

Regardless of all these, engaging in extracurricular activities helps you grow personally and professionally – a practice to lead a life in a good way and adapt a meaningful lifestyle.