To develop or improve your self-management skills, first, you need to understand what self-management is. Self-management, which may also be referred to as ‘self-regulation’ or ‘self-control’ is the art of regulating our emotions, behaviour and thoughts successfully in various situations. It not only includes time management but also if viewed from a wider perspective has many strings attached.

Setting goals

Your task can only be managed well when you know what exactly your work is. It’s not necessary that the goals you set are for a lifetime, your goals can be set for the end of the month, or the week, or even for the day. You just need to be prepared with the list of goals you want to achieve within that period and hurray! You learned the first step of self-management!


After setting your goals, there may be many things you would like to do at first, but that’s not possible practically. Here comes the need to prioritize your work which will help you to stay focused on one at a time and will ultimately help in health management.  

Develop listening habits

How many times have you performed a wrong thing just because you didn’t understand it properly at first? How many times during an examination have you answered a question wrong even after having full knowledge of the right one just because you weren’t paying enough attention to what was written in a hurry to finish off things? It hurts, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what you need to change. The development of listening habits enhances your work potential and helps you to do a task correctly the first time. It might take your additional few minutes but will save hours of rectifying the mistake.

Don’t procrastinate

This is a habit which is sharply developed during college days and it is what disturbs our work potential.  You need to do the right work at the right time and procrastinating makes your next day busier and as a result, messes up the whole business. So, you need to develop a habit of doing your work immediately.

Work out your stress

Stress management is the key to do jobs perfectly on time without delay. Stress can ruin your ability to manage several tasks within a stipulated time therefore; there is a need to work towards stress management especially in difficult situations.

Learn to control your emotions

This may sound easy but is one of the toughest jobs to do. You should not let your emotions dominate your behaviour towards people and situations. Try to express your emotions honestly only when it is appropriate but do not let your anger and dislike towards anyone or anything be your weakness.

Apart from these, developing your communication and interpersonal skills will help you to succeed and move closer towards your goal without facing major obstacles.