ZBrush is an excellent piece of software for its photorealistic and production-quality sculpts with production-quality shading, lighting, and rendering outputs. Blender is an excellent piece of software with decent sculpting tools. ZBrush is mostly used for sculpting by its users. ZBrush is squarely at the heart of the 3D industry, used in major blockbuster movies and video games. It’s also found in the worlds of design, jewelry, illustration, advertising and many others. In this context a Short Term Course on Digital Sculpting of Human Anatomy with ZBrush was scheduled by Human Resource Development Center and Department of Multimedia w.e.f. June 07 to June 14, 2022, aimed at developing the understanding and skill of drawing gesture and Human Skeleton, human proportions and skeleton in 3D and 2D, building Muscles over the skeleton and strong foundation of human figure.

The program convener Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor & Dean and Head-HRDC, LPU in her inaugural address emphasized that the ZBrush participants will mimic real-world media and it is a dynamic modeling tool that let you shape objects in real-time, it’s not hard to understand why ZBrush is so popular. After this course participants can achieve insane levels of surface detail on their model making this program can be a great program for the finishing touches on a game or movie.

The program was conducted by seasoned Subject Matter Expert Mr. Subham Bhardwaj, Department of   Multimedia, LPU who deliberated on introduction to Photoshop and ZBrush, importance of gesture drawing and human skeleton, Skeleton for creating character, creating Skull in-depth and facial muscles, upper and lower body and arms in-depth and wrapping up the human anatomy

In the valedictory address, the program convener Prof. (Dr.) Pavitar Parkash Singh, Dean and HOS- School of Social Sciences & Languages, Lovely Professional University emphasized that the Short Term Courses organized as outreach training programs are envisioned to upskill participants of Lovely Professional University and public at large and this course was successful in meeting the said objectives. He also acknowledged the valuable contribution of the intellectual capital and appreciated the organizing team for organizing a meaningful STC, successful in meeting participants’ expectations.

Prof. (Dr.) Pavitar Parkash Singh congratulated the program coordinators Dr. Savita Gupta, Professor and Head-Department of Faculty Development-HRDC, LPU and Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor & HOD-Department of Multimedia, LPU for coordinating the workshop and maintaining great connect with the participants and Resource Panel.

The Coordinators of the program Dr. Savita Gupta, Professor and Head –Department of Faculty Development, Human Resource Development Center, LPU, and Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor & HOD-Department of Multimedia, LPU presented the Program Report by sharing the ‘THINK BIG’ vision of  Lovely Professional University which empowered them to organize the Short Term Course on  Digital Sculpting of Human Anatomy with ZBrush and congratulated the participants for successful completion of the program.

The feedback analysis revealed the participants were delighted with the organization of Short Term Course on Digital Sculpting of Human Anatomy with ZBrush by Lovely Professional University-Human Resource Development Center. They strongly agreed that the program was well structured, relevant in terms of content, exposed them to new knowledge and practices and their queries were responded to well by the Subject Matter Experts.