In today’s changing times, competition has increased greatly in student life and due to this, each and every student want to get good marks/grades in their academics. To achieve this every student thinks that they need to study for longer hours and then only they can get it. But this is not the case! You may have also seen students who didn’t study for such long hours but still get good marks/grades.

The capacity of the brain 

It has been scientifically proven that our brain is most attentive during the first hour of study only and after that the efficiency of the brain to learn something new declines at a very fast rate. Thus, most of the students can’t recall what they have learned after that one hour. Many times you have also noticed that what we are unable to remember while studying for a long time, it gets remembered when we study after a short break. This is also due to the fact that our brain restores its the efficiency of learning when we take a break.

Some recommendations for studying effectively:

Be Consistent: It is always said that “Consistency is the key to Success”. So be consistent in studies even if you study for a short time but study regularly.

Take Short Naps/Breaks during Studies: It is very important to take breaks/naps during studies as it will help you understand the concepts well and will also give sufficient rest to your Brain.

Good Posture: Posture is very important while studying. You should always use a study table for studying and should never lie on the bed for studying.

Avoid distractions: Keep all the distractions away from you while studying especially Mobile phones etc. as these things divert your Brain from studying.

At last, the point is that you should study regularly even if you study for a short time. You should not study for long hours in a stretch, apart from this you should take small breaks in between studies as this will increase your efficiency as well as productivity. It is also necessary to be attentive during lectures to get good marks/grades in exams and don’t procrastinate!